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Want to identify alpha-bearing wallets? Discover tokens with x2 to x1000 growth potential? Choose promising narratives? Spot out CEX withdrawals and deposits that can impact on price? Our filters hold the answers. Effortless yet powerful, right?

DataFi Features

With our expertise in analyzing and mining on-chain data, DataFi understands what an investor/trader needs to capture opportunities and risks promptly without SQL scripting or analysis. Key features include:

Hidden Gem

Automatic Hidden Gem Finder

Explore tokens with an x2 - x1000  bullish signal using a single filter button. Our tool seeks good deals on your behalf.

Signal Suggestion

Trading Signal Suggestion

Uncover trading signals from top DEX traders and CEX withdrawals and deposits that can impact on price.


Ready-to-Use Trend Analysis

Analyze a trend/narrative  with features tracking wallet cohorts' buying/selling activities

Good Pricing, Greater Value.

Let DataFi Explore On-Chain with You

Quarterly (save 29%)
Yearly (save 43%)



    • Create your own token watchlist
    • Track activities from various group of wallets
    • Detect tokens with positive and negative on-chain signals
    • Watch token flows through CEXs with various views
    • Follow Smart Money/Smart Dex Traders' buying and selling trends on DEXs and spot high-profit wallets
    • Monitor trading activities of tokens in a narrative
    • Hunt potential hidden gems with our hot liquidity pools


    $39/ month

    • All benefits from Basic Package, plus:
    • Detect CEX transactions that may affect price
    • Identify tokens with abnormal CEX netflow
    • Follow top anticipatory transactions from smart money
    • Dive into smart money's behavioral analysis
    • Use our advanced filters available for any narrative, wallet cohort and timeframe
    • Track smart money trades in hot liquidity pools to predict potential gems
    • Get early access to our new tools and features
    • Many other features, dashboards and other benefits will be continuously updated for Pro plan
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    • We are delving into further researches. Feel free to get in touch and discuss your specific requirements.
    • Contact us now: @bobdatafi via Telegram

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